Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Benefit Velvet Eyeshadows: Bikini Line & Nice Melons

The Benefit website ( says that these velvet eyeshadows “glide on light as a feather & the gorgeous shades look fabulous on everyone.”
I purchased two shades: Bikini Line and Nice Melons. Both shadows, though powder, are incredibly creamy, smooth, and blendable. They are shimmery, but not glittery, have great pigmentation and last for hours without creasing (I have only used them with a primer). Despite being very soft and sometimes creating a bit of dust in the pan, these shadows create very little fallout during application and wear. The packaging is also very appealing and features a unique bird pattern.
Bikini Line: This colour is described by both Benefit and Sephora as a desert sand colour. On the lid it appears as a light buttery gold colour. This shade has been compared to MAC’s Ricepaper, Nylon, and Creme De Miel, and Femme Fi eyeshadows. I think that this colour is perfect to use all over the lid or as a brow bone highlight and would compliment most skin tones.
Nice Melons: This colour is described by Benefit as a papaya pearl colour and by Sephora as a golden peachy pink. This creamsicle shade adds a glowy warmth to the lids that I believe would be flattering on most skin tones. It has been compared to MAC’s Melon pigment.
So how do they compare to MAC Shadows? Well, a MAC shadow pot is $14.50 USD or 1.5 g / 0.05 oz whereas the velvet shadows are $18 USD for 3.00 g or 0.11 oz. Both shadows are equally pigmented and are high end quality. Benefit’s shadows are much softer and easier to blend. MAC shadows come in many different colours whereas Benefit currently only sells approximately 12 shades. MAC shadows come in a range of shades and finishes whereas Benefit shadows all have a slight sheen and are lighter, more wearable colours. Neither company tests on animals. Both companies’ products have sleek stylish packaging but Benefit’s is more original. In my opinion (and I am someone who prefers lighter shimmery colours), Benefit Velvet shadows win this competition with their generous amount of product, sleek packaging, and silky smooth formula. Either way, I will still purchase shadows from both companies but want to work on building my Velvet shadow collection at the moment. Which do you prefer?
My rating: 5/5
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-Bikini Line is on the left in each photo and Nice Melons is on the right-

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