Sunday, February 20, 2011

EOS Lip Balms

If you have not tried these round lip balms from Evolution of Smooth I am sure that you have heard of them. Over the last year or so these balms have become extremely popular due to their cute spherical packaging. I purchased a few to see if the product itself is as impressive as the packaging.
The set that I bought (pictures below) came out during the holidays. It contains one limited edition flavour (pomegranate raspberry), and two permanent flavours (sweet mint and honeysuckle honeydew). Of the three flavours, my least favourite is honeysuckle honeydew. I do not like the taste of real honeydew melon and this balm smells exactly like it. Its taste is more sweet than anything. I do not detect the smell of honeysuckle. The sweet mint is very refreshing. Its scent is unlike the typical mint scent that most balms have which leans towards eucalyptus rather than mint. Sweet mint has a true peppermint scent and flavour that is very creamy and refreshing. Pomegranate raspberry, like the honeysuckle honeydew, has a sweet taste. Its scent reminds me of fresh berries and is probably my favourite from the set.
At first these balms are a bit difficult to apply to the lips because their exterior is a bit hard. However, after a few uses the product softens and applies very smoothly. They have decent staying power and do not leave my lips feeling dry like some balms do. I also like how they are not waxy like balms from the Chapstick brand. I only wish that they were easier to find. It seems as if they are only sold in the USA. International customers must order online and shipping rates are very high.
Overall, I am impressed with these balms and am happy that the product itself is as appealing as the packaging.
These balms can be purchased in drugstores in the united states or online at
My rating: 4.5/5
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  1. Thanks for letting me know :) I forgot about Amazon

  2. I saw these the other day and was tempted to try them! I must now =)

  3. Got lemon and summer fruit the other day. Taste is blah, but they are so emollient, go to Bonnie Bell if you want good flavor. I'm in search of the sweet mint, I am peppermint obsessed. LOVE the Bigelow lip glosses from Bath and Body Works.

  4. Oh my gosh- I LOVE these! I was hesitant on buying them until I saw Elle's fav. video. I was using the green one and then my son stole it so I got the red. Can't wait to try the other colors :)