Sunday, February 27, 2011

Benefit’s Benetint: Rose-Tinted Lip & Cheek Stain

Since its creation in the 1970s (it was originally developed for an exotic dancer) benetint has become a popular product. It has appeared in many magazines and is loved by celebrities, makeup artists and makeup lovers around the world.
This product is marketed as a rose-tinted lip & cheek stain that lasts all day and looks “naturally sheer and sexy on all complexions.” It claims to be “the sexiest flush you can get from a bottle.”
I have been using this product for about 10 months. After testing it out in different ways and using a variety of application methods, I have decided that, for me, this product is not ideal for use on the cheeks. Although it gives a pretty flush, I have found that it darkens and draws attention to dark spots and imperfections on the face in a way that powder and cream blushes do not. It also seems to make the skin look a bit flat and does not leave the cheeks looking fresh or glowy. In terms of application, benetint sets so quickly on the cheeks that it blends unevenly and makes the skin appear blotchy.
That said, it is one of the best lip products that I have ever tried. It gives the lips a pretty rosy flush that really does last all day. I usually dab a bit of this product on my lips in the morning and then apply lip balm a few times throughout the day to add moisture (the nail polish-like brush makes application easy and precise). My lips look almost as flushed by the end of the day as they had at the beginning. I like the colour because it looks natural and does not feel heavy or sticky. Although I purchased this product in the summer, I started using it more often in the winter when I put my lip glosses away for the colder months. I only wear lip gloss in the summer because where I live the winters are very windy and my long hair gets stuck in my lip gloss. Benetint is mess free and transfer resistant. I only wish that it did not have such a high price tag. It costs $28 for 12.5 ml/0.40 fl oz. I was lucky enough to purchase my bottle on ebay for around $9. In benetint’s defense its seemingly small amount of product lasts for a very long time. I have been using it every single day for the last six months, and a few times per week before that, and the bottle still looks completely full. At the rate that things are going this one bottle could probably last for 10 years!
Benetint can be purchased at
My rating: 2/5 as a cheek stain and 5/5 as a lip stain
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