Sunday, February 13, 2011

Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy Fragrance


During the winter holidays I went on the search for a new fragrance. For years I have worn Aquolina’s Pink Sugar perfume year round and, although I love the scent, I wanted to try something new. I enjoy sweet, fruity, vanilla-based scents but was open to something new as well. I tried everything –Vera Wang Princess, all of the Juicy Couture perfumes, Givenchy Play, Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue, Beyonce Heat, Marc Jacobs Daisy, Nina Ricci Nina, and everything in between. I wanted to give each fragrance a fair chance so I collected samples of them and decided to wear each one for a few days. I found the majority of these fragrances intolerable and could not even get through one day wearing them. I really wanted to like Vera Wang Princess because I thought that the bottle was pretty but the fragrance left the horrible scent of baby powder on my skin. The other notes in this fragrance were undetectable. 

Just when I decided to give up on my search, I noticed a fragrance sale rack at my drugstore that featured a few of the Britney Spears Perfumes. I purchased 50ml bottles of Hidden Fantasy, Circus Fantasy, and Midnight Fantasy for under $20 each which was a great deal. I love all of them (and will talk about the other two in a future post) but quickly decided that Midnight Fantasy was my new favourite winter fragrance. It is sweet and powerful and only requires a spritz or two. It actually smells a bit like candy necklaces. The scent lasts all day and all night and does not need to be reapplied after a few hours. Its notes include: Black Cherries, Framboise, Exotic Plum, Night Blooming Orchid, Freesia, Velvet Iris, Musk, Amber and Vanilla.  The translucent blue bottle is also very elegant. The only downside to this fragrance is that, out of the four perfumes from the Britney Spears Fantasy line, Midnight Fantasy is the only one no longer in production. However, for now it can be found at some Shoppers Drug Mart stores, TjMaxx, Sears, and also at:

Let me know which fragrance from the Fantasy line is your favourite.

My rating: 5/5

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