Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Unique Highlight Colour: MAC Vapour Eyeshadow

At first glace, Vapour looks like a typical highlight colour—a matte light neutral. However, a closer look will reveal this shadow’s violet pearl iridescence.
Vapour is one of MAC’s velvet formula shadows. When applied to the eyelid or brow bone it appears as a matte peachy pink colour. When it catches the light a pretty violet shimmer becomes visible.
I like to wear this shadow as a highlight colour when I want to add a bit of uniqueness to a neutral eye or when I want my highlight colour to compliment other purple, pink, or blue shadows that I am wearing at the time.
My problem with this shadow is that it is not extremely pigmented. I have to pack on a lot of the shadow to get the effect that I want. I had planned to use Vapour as an all over lid colour but, once applied, it basically matches my skin tone and shows very little colour. I also wish that the violet pearl was more visible.
That said, I really like to use Vapour as a highlight colour because it is subtle and makes the area under my eyebrows look neater and brighter. Also, I like how the violet pearl appears when the light catches it.
My rating: 3.5/5
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