Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Frizz-Fighting Shower Cap?

I have very long hair that I do not wash every day (daily washing and styling is very time consuming and strips the hair of natural oils that create shine). Normally, I cover my hair in the shower with a clear plastic shower cap to protect it from  the water on days when I am not washing it. However, my hair always comes out slightly damp and very frizzy.

Last week when I was at Sally Beauty Supply I came across This Safari Spots Shower Cap from Betty Dain ( It is nylon with a terry cloth lining. The shower cap is waterproof and, although it fits snugly to prevent water from reaching the hair, it is very large and would fit those with very long and thick hair. It also dries very quickly after use. Since it is well made it will not need to be thrown out after a few uses like regular plastic shower cap; therefore, it is environmentally friendly.

I have been trying it for a few days and I have seen such an improvement in my hair after showering—it is completely dry and frizz free which makes styling much easier. I purchased mine for around $14 CAD in store but it can also be found here:,default,pd.html?cm_vc=SEARCH for about $9 USD.

Tip: Although shower caps from Betty Dain’s “The Socialite Collection” come in a range of different patterns, only the Safari Spots one seems to have the terry cloth lining.

My rating: 5/5

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  1. I remember seeing this at Sally's the other day. Perhaps I should have bought it as I have the same issues you do with hair washing.

  2. What a pity I live in eastern Europe and we don't have such inventions here ;) nor we have a wide range of places to purchase any ;) i would love to try something like that out because my hair is curly and unpredictable and it gets frizzy so easily. Love the safari pattern :)